В связи с пандемией COVID19 Доллскар прошел онлайн.
Выставка в Сокольниках пройдет 19 июня 2021 года.

Because of pandemic COVID19 Dollscar was held online.
Next exhibition in Sokolniki will be held June 19 2021.

General rules

We are not responsible for the safety of exhibitor's booth. We kindly ask for at least one representative of the participant to be at the booth all the time of the exhibition - from 9:30 till 19:30 on June 15, 2019

We have the right to change the layout of the exhibition, move the participant to another place with notifying him about it by e-mail.


Dollscar is a very quick and eventful exhibition! :) Everything passes within a one day. Please be prepared for this.

Installation: from 9:30 to 12:00 (tables are already installed at this time )
The entrance for visitors is open from 12:00 to 18:00.
Dismantling: from 18:00 to 19:30

Dismantling is prohibited before 18:00.

Arrival, parking and unloading

Questions of arrival and parking will be decided in May 2019. All exhibitors will have email notifications with all the necessary information.

Now we can say that to enter the territory of the exhibition complex and unloading you'll need a printed exhibitor's parking pass, which we will send you. It's free.

About our tables

The table size is 150x90 cm (~59x35 inch), the height (with a tabletop) is 76 cm. The tabletop is solid, thick, made of multilayer plywood and is designed for heavy loads. It is edged with a metal.

4 round legs made of metal.

Tables are stable and do not swing.

Decorations setup

Decorations/backgrounds can be fastened to the table top using clamps.

Do not use adhesive tape, stapler and anything else that could damage our equipment. In case of damage to tables/chairs, the participant undertakes to pay a fine in the amount of 1000 roubles to 5000 roubles, depending on the nature of the damage.

Walls / partitions

Our format does not imply the use of classical exhibition buildings. If the exhibitor wants to install personal display cases, partitions or screens - we don't mind. But please warn - on dollscar@bjdclub.ru!

At the booths

✘ You can not represent and sell only products that are not related to the doll theme. Non-doll related goods may be presented at no more than 1/3 of your booth.

✘ You can not openly present expositions with 18+ content: direct scenes of sex and/or violence; inscriptions with obscene words and same stuff. We do not prohibit such content completely, but please place it, for example, behind the screen/partition with a warning. Write me if you have such idea, together we'll think up something. Demonstrating just nude dolls is okay.

✘ You can not turn on the music loudly. Music is allowed at such volume level, that it can be heard only next to your and (maximum) nearest neighbouring booth.

✘ Do not use electric heaters (iron, kettle).

And also - do not disturb your neighbours, do not clutter passages, be located within your stand (use the space under the table for bags and packaging).


BJDClub.ru and Dollscar are categorically against counterfeit dolls (recasts, bootlegs). We prohibit the placement of any kind of recasts on any booths.

By the recast, we mean a doll made with the illegal copying of another doll.

If recast found directly at the exhibition, we would require removing that from the booth.


✘ It is forbidden to transfer exhibition space to another participant without notification and written permission of the organizer. If necessary, please contact dollscar@bjdclub.ru on this matter.

✘ It is forbidden to distribute promotional materials (business cards/flyers/leaflets) outside your booth.

✘ It is forbidden to take (move to your stand) other people's (including seemingly free) chairs, tables without the permission of the organizer. These tables and chairs are intended for visitors and using in master classes.

And do not forget to comply with fire and health standards :)

Rules violation

In case of the rules violation, we reserve the rights to cancel the current contract and demand to vacate the exhibition space immediately without compensation for the booth payment and additional services, as well as to refuse the violator for participation in future exhibitions.

So far we have not had such cases, and we hope very much that there will be no problems in future ^^ We love our participants.

Main rule

Enjoy the beauty and have fun!

For all questions

Without a doubt contact me personally with any convenient way:
dollscar@bjdclub.ru или anchous@bjdclub.ru
Instagram @bjdclub
Skype red.anchous
+79060745688 — WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram
Telegram link

Alexandra, the organiser