В связи с пандемией COVID19 Доллскар прошел онлайн.
Выставка в Сокольниках пройдет 19 июня 2021 года.

Because of pandemic COVID19 Dollscar was held online.
Next exhibition in Sokolniki will be held June 19 2021.

Dollscar 2019 location

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, pavilion 3 (5/2 5-iy Luchevoy prosek Moscow 107014)

Doors open from 12:00 to 18:00, schedule


20 minutes walking from subway station Sokolniki.

You can find the detailed route at the scheme below. Also, you can explore the way with this photos and google.maps

By car

Entrance to a parking is located at Poperechnyy prosek.

Parking cost — 500₽ (~$9)

Please take attention, there will be another huge expos at this day. It may cause traffic congestion near the parking. Keep it in mind when you'll plan your time.