В связи с пандемией COVID19 Доллскар прошел онлайн.
Выставка в Сокольниках пройдет 19 июня 2021 года.

Because of pandemic COVID19 Dollscar was held online.
Next exhibition in Sokolniki will be held June 19 2021.

Rules for visitors

1. We have a few rules, but they all are very important, please read.

2. By purchasing a ticket, you automatically agree with our rules and the fact that in case of violation, the organizers can ask you to leave the exhibition venue without refunding the ticket price.

3. It is strictly forbidden to touch any dolls exhibited on the booths at Dollscar.
Our dolls easily get dirty and can be fragile if dropped.
In addition, most of the dolls you will see are not goods! They belong to their owners, which may be unpleasant that someone is touching their stuff. Please respect our exhibitors.

4. Dollscar is aimed at the adult audience. This means that you can found adult materials on the booths. We do not prohibit visiting Dollscar with children, but we recommend 12+.

5. If you visit Dollscar with a child under 12, we require you not to leave it without adult supervision. Parents bear full responsibility, including material one, for the actions of their children.

6. It is impossible to walk around the exhibition with long doll bags, suitcases, large backpacks and other large bags. Leave them in the wardrobe.

6. Leave your animals at home (with the exception of guide dogs).

7. You can not ride scooters, bicycles, roller skates and so on.
The only permissible wheeled vehicle is a wheelchair.

8. Baby carriages: please, if possible, use compact strollers. And better — slings or ergo baby carriers.

9. If a visitor disturbs public order the security can demand him (her) to leave the territory of the exhibition.

10. Video and photo-taking are allowed and welcome! Spread your photos and videos on social networks with hashtags #Dollscar and #Dollscar2018

11. On the control line, we check the ticket and put a non-removable bracelet on each visitor's hand. The bracelet entitles you to go to the exhibition as many times as you want during the day. Do not remove the bracelet while you are staying at Dollscar.

12. The main rule — enjoy the beauty of BJD-world and have fun!