В связи с пандемией COVID19 Доллскар прошел онлайн.
Выставка в Сокольниках пройдет 19 июня 2021 года.

Because of pandemic COVID19 Dollscar was held online.
Next exhibition in Sokolniki will be held June 19 2021.

XI Dollscar — expo

Dollscar is a composition of two equivalent exhibition areas, occupying a total of 1500 square meters.

Creative zone — an art projects zone. There are thematic dioramas, various companies fan's booths and other. Participate in the contest and win prizes!

Commerce zone — ball-jointed dolls, accessories workshops and doll goods shops. Make your application for a commerce booth and show your products to all the visitors!


• Terms •

◆ Terms of participation in the commerce zone ◆

★ Terms of participation in the creative zone ★